Finding appropriate domain names is a chore. There are so many rubbish parking sites out there that just … shouldn’t be. I dare could be considered one of them, since I could easily offload this onto Tumblr, but I enjoy having the unlimited capabilities a hosted site allows. I think that domains should be treated in a similar way to Patents when they are registered. Patents require the applicant to justify to an overall authority (the Intellectual_Property_Office in NZ), why they should be allowed to own a particular patent. If there was a justification scheme in place, it would not restrict the people who need domains - they would simply have to specify why they need the domain. What it would do is provide a decision framework on which to base decisions on registering domains to domain agents. Why tie up a perfectly good address? Leave them open, and truly make it first- in, first-served, instead of the ‘richest wins’ model that exists at the moment.