The Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language went live on Friday - it’s a project that I have worked on with Daniel, Chris and James R, at 3Months. I attended a launch event at Victoria University on the Friday, and it really was quite a humbling experience - this dictionary has been the effort of a team of people for years and years - really, what 3Months has done has just been the tip of the iceberg. It really does seem like this project has been rewarding - we’ve taken a comprehensive database of sign information and images (Built with what seems to be a lot of time and effort by Dave Moskozitz), and given it a public presence - hopefully, something that everyone can use - whether it’s to learn New Zealand Sign Language, or just to learn how to finger spell names and words. I’m mostly posting this in the hope that everyone who reads this goes to check out the site, and to learn something of this language - give it a spin! http://