Well, it’s taken weeks for Coderwall to finally get it’s crawler to hit my Github Profile, but I’ve finally got more badges. I’ve been moving some old PHP stuff of mine onto Github for people to use, so that’s where I’ve gotten the PHP badge from. As part of my personal campaign to master at least one other language apart from Ruby, I’ve also been working on some Django tutorials (Django is a Python web framework), so have earned another badge there. A happy accident was the walrus badge - I didn’t realize I had projects up in so many different languages. Probably next on this list might be the ‘Forked 20’ achievement for my Spree extension, [spree-import-products] (https://github.com/joshmcarthur/spree-import-products) - I’m not so sure this is a good thing, though - the forks-to-pull-requests ratio is too low on this project - most likely indicating that I need to work more on making the extension easier to use for my general audience - forks without pull requests mean that people are taking their own copies to change them for their needs, rather than to work on bugfixes and general improvements. We’ll have to see. But… yay, more achievements! If you’ve got a Github account, I highly recommend you check out Coderwall - the achievements are largely irrelevant to any sort of reputation, but it’s a really nice way of finding interesting Github members with interesting projects.