Last night I quickly patched together a command called git-browse - it’s a small but handy extension to git that looks at the remotes you have set up inside a repository, and opens up the first Github repository it finds - to give an example:

-> git remote -v
origin [email protected]:joshmcarthur/WriteIdeally.git (fetch)
origin [email protected]:joshmcarthur/WriteIdeally.git (push)
heroku [email protected]:writeideally.git (fetch)
heroku [email protected]:writeideally.git (push)
-> git browse
(Opens in default browser)

l The source is just below - at the moment, though it’s only compatible with OS X and Linux - Ubuntu that I know of, but I believe that RedHat won’t work without installing packages - see this StackOverflow thread

Installation is pretty basic - just download, make it executable by running chmod +x git-browse, and then copy it somewhere that is referenced by your $PATH variable (you can see what’s in this variable by running echo $PATH in a Terminal). Once you’ve done this, you should be able to enter any repository with Github remotes, and run git browse to have the repository open in your default browser.

Extensions to this idea should be pretty easy - something I would be keen to see in a pull request, for example, would be to support opening arbitrary files - i.e. git browse lib/writeideally/api.rb would open Having said that, my gsubbing is pretty gross, so that needs refactoring as well.

In any case, enjoy!