This morning I wrote a quick script that I found quite handy - it takes a CSV file, and adds cards to Trello from it’s contents. At 3months, we quite regularly get long spreadsheets with requirements, so this script saves us a lot of time when we need to import these lists into cards so we can estimate and expand on them. Now, with a bit of reformatting, replacing proper quotes with double quotes, etc., I can just import in a couple of minutes.

I’ve documented the script pretty well, but basically it uses the ruby-trello gem along with Foreman (for managing quite a few ENV variables that get passed around) to use an existing Trello OAuth authorization to add cards to a board and label them (since you may want to apply a ‘from-spreadsheet’ label or something like that). It probably won’t handle special characters wonderfully, but the main thing is just to make sure that your CSV is a valid CSV file - escaped quotes, quoted columns etc.

I hope somebody else may find this useful!