For quite some time now, I’ve been using alloy’s fork of Macvim as my primary editor, along with janus, and it’s been working out really well.

I’ve just started trying out Sublime Text 2 though, and it’s been pretty nice (although I still have reservations). Something I can’t stand in a developer application though, is for an application to re-open all the files you had open last time the application was used. Sure enough, this is something that Sublime Text 2 does.

To turn it off, you can change the following settings in your user preferences file. To open these preferences, open Sublime, click the application menu, and then go to ‘Preferences’ -> ‘Settings - User’, and add the following keys:

"hot_exit": false,
"remember_open_files": false

If you haven’t already added any user settings, these two lines will need to be surrounded by curly braces - { and }.

I don’t understand why any application needs to re-open files - if I close an application, that means I don’t need it anymore. If I needed it again, I would just leave it open, or suspend my computer and come back to it later.

Hopefully these settings make things a bit easier on somebody else though - I couldn’t find this documented anywhere on the internet from a quick Google, so had to jot it down here.