bat is cat with syntax highlighting, but is still compatible with pipes, etc. Really neat. I like the filename header.



A CLI for Jira. Maybe it’ll be faster than using the web interace???

Regardless, it supports a fancy config loading system that looks like I can configure it as part of my tmux setup to pop me into the correct project for the directory I’m in.


A really nice tool in the UNIX philosphy of building simple, composible command line utilities. entr can be piped to to run a command when the stream on the left hand side changes. This is similar functionality to guard, livereload, etc, but is useful precisely because it is generic.

It also has a handy option for commands that don’t support signals or a modified stream &emdash; -r will cause entr to terminate the process and start it again, rather than trying to ‘hot reload’.

The website has heaps of examples with documentation on the additional options:

TLDR pages

TLDR pages aim to extend on man pages with practical examples of common tasks. The website, is usable as-is, but there are a bunch of command-line tools available. I’m trying to Node.js version, but there are various options depending on the runtimes you have installed.